Curtin Graduate Show 2010 – Collective Threads

By December 14, 2010 Graduate shows No Comments

Typically, I would have posted something on a show like this on the day or the day after which would have been 1 December. Talk about ultimate tardiness. I finally managed to come back to posting two week after the event. I owe million apologies for those who took time and effort into sending me invitations for all the graduate shows this year. I just could not manage in the end. After working 9-10 hours everyday lugging camera gear around to shoot for an hour in the evening (which usually ends up being 3-4 hours) was just not possible.

How did I then manage to attend Curtin University’s Graduate Show – Collective Threads? I was assigned to shoot for the show and not as a blogger. I couldn’t pull out at the last minute and I’m now glad that I didn’t.

I wonder now if anyone was waiting for me to post something on the show, at least those who knew that I was there at the show. It was an unusual show. I had a list of ‘non-negotiables’ when I was asked to shoot. Those are like photographers’ wish list. Of course, I didn’t get any in the end. LOL. I was moaning and groaning when the models started walking out. Sure, it was damn hard to shoot. Some models were bumping into each other at some stage. Well, in the end it’s all good. There were some great works displayed at the show. Looking through all the photos from the show I could feel that I was getting taken to a different world each time the designer changed.


If it was like any other fashion show with a long conventional catwalk, predictable straight down the line walk and standard lighting I wouldn’t have been able to catch this very moment. This beautiful work by Yan Zion. There were other wonderfully out of this world designs and interesting works. I don’t usually have any intelligent things to say about fashion. What I like is what looks beautiful whether it’s in or out and whether it’s going to work on less than body like mine or yours. This ethereal work pretty much sums up my feeling of the show – I’ve forgotten how the show was organised (or not organised for that matter). Maybe it’s a good thing then that I’m not posting like how a blogger should be posting - instantaneously.

The series of photos you see the flickr set of the Collective Threads would kind of show you how I feel now. I’m in another world – basking in the bliss.

Until next time then.