Black outfits with necklaces

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I came home only to find out that I missed out on my regular massage due to a diary mishap. However, all annoyance dissipated when I walked into the house filled with warm and herby smell of simmering soup stock. Yes, my guy became a soup master of late. I just have to hope that he does not become a non-fictional character from Seinfeld, Soup Nazi.

Temperatures in the morning are rather chilly while temperatures during the day match that of Paris in summer at the moment. Dressing for this kind of weather is not in any way difficult. It just means that I need to layer a lot. Of course, inevitably I’m in all black a lot of times. How do I jazz up my all black look?

Do you remember about two years ago when Givenchy came out with a huge bundle of gold necklaces – big piles as seen in this post? You can’t really wear that though. Honestly, the sheer weight of it would kill me.


What Captain Biscuit* found is more doable I thought albeit the prohibitive price tag. It’s Lanvin’s sequin Charms necklace from Someone should really be inspired and create something similar.

The Captain also found a necklace in Etsy with a pile of charms after my complaint regarding the Lanvin’s price.

Along the Spanish Main-Pirate Queen Treasures Necklace One of a KInd OOAK

This could still be on the heavy side.

Guardian of the Palace-Romantic Vintage Lion, Ring and Key Necklace

This one looks good to me. It has a warm brassy red and yellow feel and doesn’t look cheap and too new. While I might consider purchasing this particular piece from Morticia Snow on Etsy I wanted to show you my recent acquisition from Behind the Monkey. Actually, it’s not that recent but I was taking a break from this blog when I bought it so I didn’t have a chance to show you


This piece is by Peter Lang. Its’ hard to find online retailers selling any decent range of Peter Lang so when I found this at Behind the Monkey I just had to have it. This is how I entertain myself – imagining that if I were to have Arj Selvam’s menswear as part of my wardrobe I would be wearing my Peter Lang necklace with a pair of combat boots… hmm I’d look darn cool.

{*Captain Biscuit is a young lady who sits next to me in the office helping me out with all my projects as well as online shopping. She is affectionally known as Mikey or Capitaine Biscuit}