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Betts shoes are everywhere. Did you notice? Maybe not but I sure did. The marketing team at the Betts Group has been busy. They supplied pretty much all the shoes for the Perth Fashion Festival 2009. Every goodie bag from each show had Betts gift cards. It makes sense as Betts is WA owned business. I even gave away about five cards to my friends. Then I saw Betts at Zara Bryson’s show last week. It’s gotta work. If all tall and pretty girls walk down the catwalk wearing sky high heels from Betts it will make any girl want to buy those beauties? I wear flats all the time these days. That said, sexy heels are always tempting and I do need to wear something less casual for work.

Evidence of Betts shoes everywhere.. Lin Pin, Zara Bryson and Leanne Lim parades

Here I am browsing for a new pair of shoes. I’ve been offered a free pair from Betts – just because I took literally hundreds of photos of models wearing Betts for many weeks? Is that a good enough to reason to receive a free gift? Whatever, I can never say no to free shoes. Have you seen a necklace with a charm saying ‘will f*^*k for shoes‘? Enough said.

You know I do complain about crappy websites. Betts has done a really good job with their online store. Much better than what Wittner shoes did with their website. Their flash based website bugs me no end and I gave up going there. Betts’ website is easy to use. It’s conventional. It shows you what you want to buy and it doesn’t get in the way of all the more important buying experience. I’m all for easy to use online stores. Enf of my website review now.

Here’s my selection of shoes. I got attracted to strapy sandals. I haven’t quite decided what to get though. I just need to pick a pair and Gino, the national marketing manager from Betts Group will ship them over for me. Why don’t you tell me what I should get? This could well be the start of another ‘Dressing Songy‘ season. How about that as an incentive?

1. Bondage $109.99

2. Galaxy $119.99

3. Law $89.99

4. Enslave $119.99

Heck, I could just get myself one of these instead – completely suitable for carrying a 15kg camera gear in my white tee and a pair of jeans.

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