Student Runway Costume Couture PFF09

My last instalment for the Student Runway is here. It’s all about costume. It’s the fun part of any student runway shows I think. There was something mediaeval about the whole show. Obviously not every piece looks to be inspired by mediaeval period but Tonia Kaptein (Pip Bingham is modelling in the second and third photos) and Katherine Zulberti’s (Parris with a sword) designs were strong enough to give that impression. That’s not to undermine other fabulous costumes.


Kate Bell’s dress, hat and the birdcage are certainly poetic – hence winning the WA Fashion Award for the category.


Graeme Hall’s massive black dress was a show stopper wasn’t it? Unfortunately, the award itself went to Kate I think everyone from the show and the award night would remember Graeme’s dress. It was truly epic. I’ve never seen such a huge and fantastical costume before. It reminds me of a majestic cat queen in a dream or imaginary world. That’s exactly where I want to be after a day of work and spending time listening to Katie Noonan at Art Bar (which has just closed!) and last night’s Slava Snowshow. Yep, I’m living it up as someone might put it but I’m not in good head space at the moment. Change is afoot…on that strange note I’ll have show you the WA Designer Collection from the Festival starting tomorrow. How does that sound?


If you still haven’t seen all the images from Student Runway, head over to Flickr or Facebook for your tagging pleasure. Backstage fun, RTW and Eco Design, and Evening Wear and Costume Couture

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